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DLPC3438: HOST_IRQ of DLPC3438 is must be have or optional for MCU control?

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Part Number: DLPC3438

Hi, sir

I found HOST_IRQ is connect to MCU in TI reference design, and it's must be have or just for working status of DLPC3438?

Can I disconnect it from MCU?



Zhang Tao


  • Hi Zhang,

    The HOST_IRQ indicates whether the DLPC3438 has successfully booted up or not. During startup HOST_IRQ is pulled high. Once initialization is complete, it is driven low. In case initialization fails due to an error/fault, HOST_IRQ remains high and the system does not boot.

    An important point to note is that I2C communication should start only after HOST_IRQ is driven low. The DLPC3438 might not boot in case of any activity on the I2C bus while HOST_IRQ is high.

    If you can ensure that no I2C activity happens during boot up, and if your design doesn't need to check HOST_IRQ to determine whether boot has completed successfully, then you can disconnect it.

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    Clear, thanks