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DLP6500FYE: Unable to switch to video mode. Error: Invalid controller/DMD

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Part Number: DLP6500FYE


I purchased DLP6500 before.But now it is out of order. The main problems are as follows: Connect to PC, GUI display Unable to switch to video mode. Error: Invalid controller/DMD; State default is standby, click normal and jump back to it; The voltage of EN-OFFSET is zero, and TP20\TP33\TP21 is 3V\0V\0V. The flex cable has slight traces of folding, I wonder if it is damaged.

How should I solve this problem? Thank you.

  • Hello User,

    Welcome to the DLP section of the TI-E2E forums.

    When did you purchase this unit?

    Does it show the FW version in the Status on the left?

    If not, Please try carefully removing the DMD from the DMD socket using the cam lock (remember to observe ESD precautions).  Then see if it reports the FW version. 

    The voltages indicate something is wrong with the rail voltages.  It may not be communicating with the DMD.


  • In reply to Fizix:

    Hello Fizix,

    Thank you for your reply, we purchase this product in August 2016. As you can see from the figure below that the FW version in the Status is 5.0.0.

    I also tried loading 4.2.0, but the result is the same, the DMD didn't respond. Because the flex cable has slight traces of folding, I guess a big reason is that damage, but I don't know how to test to determine whether it is the problem,  I hope you can give me some help.


  • In reply to user6129126:

    Hello Jaiqi,

    This sounds like your DMD may be damaged.  This can happen if the controller board is handled while powered up.

    The age of the kit makes it unlikely that you could get any warranty replacement, but you can purchase just the DMD.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience.