DLPC-API: DLP® Pico™ Display and Light Control API Release

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Part Number: DLPC-API

We are happy to announce that the DLP® Pico™ Display and Light Control API is now released. This C API can be used to configure and communicate with the DLPC34xx controller (specifically the DLPC3470, DLPC378, and DLPC3479). Previously, one would be required to implement controller I2C commands in their own software.

This API eases development effort and reduces time to market. The API is primarily intended to communicate with the controller with a Windows PC. However, the provided source code enables the user to port the API to a different target platform (such as Linux, microcontroller, etc) and integrate the code into a custom solution. We hope it will be useful! 

Download the DLPC-API at http://www.ti.com/tool/DLPC-API.