DLPLCR4500EVM: Control individual DMD pixels, removed light engine

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Part Number: DLPLCR4500EVM


I am very new to DMDs but my application is rather simple. I am using the DLP4500EVM Lightcrafter without the light engine because I just want to control the DMD and use it for an optical experiment. I would like to just load a static image on the DMD basically 1 bit depth worth of information in each pixel to either have the DMD mirror always on or always off. Is there a guide that has more broken down steps other than the user's guide provided online? 

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  • Hello Natzem,

    Are you using the LightCrafter 4500 GUI to setup the DMD? You should simply go into the pattern sequence and create an internally triggered and repeated pattern  sequence. You can upload a 1-bit depth image into the memory of the EVM as well by using the GUI. The 1-bit depth image will essentially tell each mirror whether to be on our off. Note that you may not be able to achieve 100% on or off mirrors but may instead be around 99% on or 99% off.

    If you have specific follow-up questions please let us know.


  • In reply to Kyle Rakos:

    Yes I am using the LightCrafter 4500 GUI. I will try the 1-bit depth image today to tell each mirror to be on or off. 

    Is there any way that we can achieve the mirror to be 100% on or off. We are going to be using a tunable laser with the DMD and I am afraid for the few microseconds it is off that the controller will be thrown off. 

    Also can you describe what the highlighted portion of this GUI means? 

  • In reply to Natzem Lima:

    Hi Natzem,

    Kindly wait for a few days, we'll look into this and get back soon.

    Thanks & Regards, Hirak.