DLPDLCR2000EVM: EVM shows flash screen and goes away in 2s

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Part Number: DLPDLCR2000EVM


EVM is not connected to any host processor. When I give power supply, it turns on and shows flash screen, after 2 seconds the splash screen goes off but the D3 lights on.

How to trouble shoot? Due to this i could not connect with BBB.

Need some immediate help here.

5 Replies

  • Hello Gopinath,

    Is there any changes to EVM configuration? 

    Please check if "PROJ_ON_EXT" pin shorted or grounded in the connector?



  • In reply to Vivek Thakur:

    Hi Vivek,

    There is no change in the EVM or EVM's EEPROM configuration. The standalone EVM is turning on, LED D2 followed by D3 and shows a splash image and goes off immediately. But the D3 LED is continuously lit up and ON. But there is no splash image is shown. 

    PROJ_ON_EXT pin (P2_15) is not fried or shorted, I have checked the U10 connection on the board. Please find the attached image.

  • In reply to GOPINATHAN M:


    Has the EVM always had this issue, or was it previously working fine before this issue occurred?


    Philippe Dollo

  • In reply to Philippe Dollo:

    It was working before. I bought just 2-3 weeks before from mouser.in

    Does it has warranty ?

  • In reply to GOPINATHAN M:

    Any trouble shooting steps, warranty details are highly appreciated. I don't think that we can fix this issue; I hope some issue on the main board itself.

    Even if this covers under warranty, shipping to and from will be additional cost.

    The main problem in India is custom and import duties, this is 60% more than the actual cost of the EVM when it comes to India. No warehouse in India is ready to ship.