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DLPC3478: HOST_IRQ not sets to low

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Part Number: DLPC3478

We made custom board with DLPC3478+DLPA2005+DLP3010 chipsets. We used W25Q32FVSSIG flash memory. We programmed flash memory with firmware DLP3010EVM-LC-FW which downloaded from site: www.ti.com/.../DLP3010EVM-LC.
When PROJ_ON signal sets to high:
- power supplies (+1,1V, +1,8V, +3,3V) sets to nominal votages;
- RESETZ signal sets high after 10 ms;
- HOST_IRQ signal sets high after RESETZ;
- 24MHz reference clock for DLPC3478 make stable after power-up after 5 ms.
I attached screenshots from oscillospoe.

I have a problem: why HOST_IRQ not sets to low?

Regards, Maxim

  • Maxim,

    Thanks for your thorough report of the issue.

    Have you tried communicating with the EVM via the provided GUI software? If so, what response (if any) do you get? The GUI is available on this page:



    Philippe Dollo

  • In reply to Philippe Dollo:

    Hello, Philippe
    I2C0 interface used for communication with GUI. I2C interface will not activate before HOST_IRQ will be set to low level(see DLPC3478 datasheet Fig.34).

    Regards, Maxim Galkin

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    May be it's will be useful:

    I thinks, that ASIC auto-initialization failed. 

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    There is an MSP430 on the board which operates independently of the I2C interface on the EVM. As such, there may still be parts of the GUI that function (through the MSP430). How does it behave?

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    Hello, Philippe

    GUI work's without mistakes. I have only one message: power-off, but this is because HOST_IRQ not sets to low. I can to program flash memory, send commands via I2C but didn't saw answers from DLPC.

    I saw a few commands, which sended DLPC3478 to DLPA2005 via SPI1 nterface. I attached a few pictures.

    It's intersting, why DPLC not sended DMD_EN command?

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    May anybody help me?

    Regards, Maxim Galkin.

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    May you send me firmware?

    •DMD: DLP3010
    •Controller: DLPC3478
    •PMIC: DLPA2005
    •Illumination: 3-LED (RGB)
    •I2C Address: 0x36
    DMD Pin Mapping: Option 1

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    Sorry my mistake - DMD Pin Mapping: Option 2.

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    The question is closed.