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DLP4500: Unclear elements to the documentation on the Lightcrafter 4500 EVM module

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Part Number: DLP4500

Our intention with the DLP Lightcrafter 4500 is to play a sequence of single bit images at high frame rates, synchronized with an external photodiode for a structured light application.

As per the EVM we understand that we need to use Pattern Sequence mode to bypass video processing effects. This mode takes input from multiple interfaces and as far as we can tell, as the number of patterns required in our sequences is greater then the storage capacity of the flash memory it is recommended to use one of the external interfaces.

We have our patterns formatted into 24 bit bmp images, which we intend to use the RGB interface and stream over HDMI. With the example given that streaming images at 60 Frames Per Second would give a functional pattern frame rate of 1440Hz.

Our main question is practically how to achieve the data input of the .bmp files to the video port? Should they be streamed in a particular video file format over the HDMI cable? We want to be able to use python to start and send these patterns/videos to the projector. As far as we can see the EVM guide has not details on how we might expect to send this data.

  • Hello Stan,

    Your understanding sounds correct. Unfortunately we do not provide software to covert and stream the bitmap images to your EVM. The EVM simply accepts parallel video input and is otherwise source agnostic. You may need to create a Python program with a GUI that precisely displays images. You could also potentially embed your images in a video.

    Alternatively we do have a DLP-ALC-LIGHTCRAFTER-SDK that may help. However, please note the SDK is no longer officially supported and we therefore would be unable to provide technical support with it.



  • In reply to Kyle Rakos:

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for the clarification, we are going to aim to create a python program to send static .bmp images at a high frame rate. 

    Do you have any advice on what video formats would function with our .bmp's embedded in them if we were to try that route?

    In terms of the SDK it appears that the link is to the SDK for the 900 chip, which will not be designed for the chip on the LCR4500?