DLPC350: How to load images on the fly on Lightcrafter 4500 (DPLC350)

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Part Number: DLPC350

Product: Lightcrafter 4500 (DPLC350)

When using pattern sequence mode, is there a way I can load images to the DLP using USB on the fly instead of those images being displayed through HDMI or "per-stored" images on the flash memory? I was looking at DLPC900 programmers guide and has a feature called "Pattern on-the-fly commands". Is the same possible to be achieved on the DLPC350? If so, how can I achieve this?

Our use for Lightcrafter 4500 is for additive manufacturing. Currently we have to display patterns over HDMI through Raspberry Pi. It would be great if I can load images on the fly directly over USB instead of showing over HDMI. Although I can display per-stored images on the flash memory, it seems this method is not feasible when we have hundreds of patterns we want to load for each experiment. Flashing the ROM takes a very long time.

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  • Hello Aftab,

    Unfortunately we do not have a method for on-the-fly pattern loading with the DLPC350 controller. Is there a reason the video input is not acceptable for your application?



  • In reply to Kyle Rakos:


    The video input is the most common way of using the DLP4500 chipset to display dynamic patterns but it requires formatting the data and streaming it through the HDMI port.  Keynote Photonics' LC4500 projectors are based on TI's Lightcrafter4500 architecture but can also be ordered with a plug-in Pattern Expansion Module--this allows updating patterns on the fly through either an Ethernet or USB/RNDIS port.  If this sounds like it might be helpful for your specific application then please feel free to have a look at the LC4500 product family on keynotephotonics.com .

    Layne Jenkins
    Applications Engineer
    Keynote Photonics