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DLP9500UV: DMD Optical Efficiency for Visible Wavelengths

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Part Number: DLP9500UV

Dear TI's expert,

Customer want to get the Diffraction Efficiency figure on the F number 18.4 (DMD side)  if use DLP9500UV or DLP9000 on 405 wavelength.

As if the Figure4-4. on page11 of the article below.

www.ti.com/.../dlpa083a.pdf OPTICAL EFFICIENCY FOR VISIBLE WAVELENGTHS&tisearch=Search-EN-everything

Waiting your feedback.

Thank you very much.



  • Hello Frank,

    This is not a simple model, especially when the NA is a small (large F#).

    As you can see from the graphs in the application note, the larger the F# the larger the oscillations in the efficiency curve.  The illumination incident angle chief ray and F# are also part of the model.  It is simply not possible to provide specific figures for every combination of parameters.

    Would it be possible to share your application and requirements in order to best assist?


  • In reply to Fizix:

    Hello Frank,

    Do you still need further as stance with this question?