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DLPLCR6500EVM: Longest duration for the exposure time for the patterns loaded on the mirror

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Part Number: DLPLCR6500EVM

Hi Team,

Can you share the longest duration of the exposure time for the patterns loaded in the mirror?
The minimum or shortest in the user guide is 105 us but our customer would like to know the longest duration.



  • Jonathan,

    A small clarification is needed here.  Do you mean without any intervening micromirror clocking pulse (i.e. micromirror reset) which briefly perturbs the micromirrors?

    If a reset is tolerable, then you can display the same pattern for quite a long time.  I need to re-check how long that timer is.  

    How long of a duration is needed?


  • Hi Jonathan,

    As Ben says, if a reset is tolerable and you are displaying a single sequence you can display it for as long as your system is running (there is no limit).

    If you have multiple patterns which needs to cycle around, then the capability of firmware for maximum exposure time for a single 1 bit pattern in the sequence would be 2^32-1 sequence clocks which is around 115s You can repeat a single pattern multiple times to further increase this number when you load but this number is limited by total number of patterns that can be loaded (400 1 bit patterns).

    Hope this helps



  • In reply to Bhatta:

    Hi Fizix and Bhatta,

    Thank you for this information and for your support for my customer inquiry.
    I will share this with the customer. This information is very helpful and easy to understand.

    Best Regards,