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DLP9000: Please help share how to calculate DMD total efficiency, thanks!

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Part Number: DLP9000

Dear Team,

Our customer want to choose DLP9000 in their products, but customer want to know how to calculate DMD device efficiency? i.e. we can search Window Transmission 95%/Micromirror Reflectivity 88%/Array Diffraction Efficiency 86%/Array Fill Factor 92%, how to evaluate DMD device efficiency, thanks!

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  • Hello Jacking,

    What wavelength range will you be using the DMD in?  The micromirror reflectivity you show of 88% is a bit low for the visible spectrum.  

    If we used the numbers you provided it would be 66% [ 0.95 * 0.88 * 0.86 * 0.92 = 0.66 ] for the DMD alone.  That seems a little low for just the DMD.  Remember that total system efficiency will be less since there are lenses which have surfaces and some absorption.

    Efficiency is very dependent on your system optics.  An f/3 system efficiency is very different than an f/22 system.  It also depends on the illumination angles and input f/#.

    Also, effective fill factor is different that unpowered fill factor and is dependent again by your illumination optics.  So the 92% is likely low.

    Maybe a better question is what efficiency is required for your system?  .


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    Hello Jacking,

    I wanted to see if you still need help with this inquiry.