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DLPLCR9000EVM: DLPLCR9000EVM error: controller/dmd incompatible

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Part Number: DLPLCR9000EVM


DLPLCR9000EVM product was tested recently and within the "DLP® LightCrafter 6500 and 9000 Firmware and Software Bundle", the error "controller/dmd incompatible" appeared.  

This error appeared suddenly and used to be functional.  The DMD chip was not replaced and everything is original hardware.  Firmware is up to date as well. 

I was recommended by TI to try buying new flex cables since the controller may not be communicating with the DMD board.  I was wondering if there were any diagnostics I can perform to ensure that it is in fact the flex cables?  (each flex cable is about $300).  I have a voltmeter to test various voltages on the board.  Can anyone suggest some things to check?