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DLPLCR9000EVM: Screen is stuck on an image even when powered off

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Part Number: DLPLCR9000EVM


I recently bought one of the evaluation boards and have getting started using it. I have an issue where after the power was powered down the screen is stuck on part of the boot-up sequence and will not change. When the board was powered on again the start of sequence does not show anymore except for the image the screen is stuck on. 

Even when the board is not powered the screen is still displaying the image. I don't know if there is something I can do to reset it or I have broken the device somehow. 

Thanks for any input!

  • Hi Ferlic,

    Welcome to DLP section if TI E2E forum.

    Are you able to conform the LED heartbeat indicator blinking? If yes,

    What is the status shown on left side of GUI home page?



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    Could you please provide any update regarding this? It will help resolving your issue faster



  • In reply to Bhatta:

    Hi Sachin,

    Thank you for the response and sorry for being late. The status is shown below. 

    I was able to fix the problem by demounting the DLP9000 from it's mount and cleaning the pins underneath. There seemed to be, what looked like thermal paste residue, on one of the many connections on the back of the DLP9000 and when I powered the device on again it reset itself and now works as normal. I don't know how the residue got there in the first place but I don't think it was there when I originally bought the device. Everything works as normal now.