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DLPLCR9000EVM: Overheated component

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Part Number: DLPLCR9000EVM


Recently a circuit component of the DLPLCR9000EVM controller board started overheating, possibly due to plugging in a higher voltage supply. 

The markings on the component are BEM 4JZJE.  However I have not been able to find any information on this component or a replacement. 

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to replace? 

Thank you,


  • Hi Kevin

    It is a clamping diode marked in black  in the below schematic. You can order it from here https://www.digikey.in/product-detail/en/littelfuse-inc/SMCJ15CA/SMCJ15CALFCT-ND/762595

    SMCJ15CA Littlefuse

    Could you please explain the issue? Aren't you able to bring up the system?

    If not, you might have to check the fuse marked in red in the schematic.



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    Hi Sachin,

    Thanks so much!  Ill order the replacement.  The board was accidentally plugged into the wrong power supply and I believe this component got damaged.  Last week it was functional except it was giving an DMD compatibility error and I never did get a chance to read out the error code with the UART receiver.  The current state of the system is that when I plug in the correct 12V supply, none of the correct LEDs light up, and instead the "12V good" LED blinks on and off. 



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    Sure, Please let me know if you face any difficulty