DLPC410: Problem initializing the DLP Discovery 4100 Development Platform

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Part Number: DLPC410

I have encountered a problem occurring at the board start. The App FPGA module does not seem to initialize properly when I power up the board. The D2 led turns immediately red and stays red. The DMD does not start cycling to the test pattern.

I didn't find any information online regarding this issue and how to troubleshoot it.

Is there a way to reset the board, or do you have any suggestion on what to test?


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  • Hello Daniel,

    This indicates that the FPGA is not configuring.  Have you made attempts to load your own APPS code into the APPS_FPGA PROM?  If the PROM becomes corrupted it will exhibit this kind of behavior.  My recommendation is to always save out the default load in the PROM before changing it.

    If this is the case you can try reloading the PROM.  

    If you have not attempted any APPS_FPGA changes, can you describe whether this was the behavior from the beginning or if it worked for a while and then suddenly started doing this.


  • In reply to Fizix:

    Hello Fizik,

    Many thanks for your prompt reply. In response to your queries: I have not attempted loading code on the APPS_FPGA PROM at all. The board used to initialize normally until it suddenty didn't. The only thing I noticed is that the same thing (D2 LED turning and staying red at startup) is happening when the Flexi cable to the DMD is not connected. 

    Is it the behavior you would expect when the DMD unit is not connected? Just wondering if that might be the issue?


  • In reply to Daniel Pelliccia:

    Hello again Daniel,

    We have tested this at other times and having no DMD attached should not keep the FPGA from configuring.

    However, as a test, remove one end of the flex (i.e. DMD end or controller board end) and see if the behavior changes.

    Let us know the result.