DLP9000: TIR prism supply

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Part Number: DLP9000


Would you have recommandation for the supply of a TIR prism adapted to the DLP9000 in order to be included into an custom optical design ?

Thank you


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  • Hi Pascale,

    Welcome to DLP section of TI E2E forum.

    I will get back to you on this by tomorrow after consultation with my team



  • In reply to Bhatta:

    Hi Pascale,

    We have discussed your question. Though we do not have a standard design , the best we would have is a .7 TIR prism that you can scale up.  Since you likely will have different F#, it is best that you do a zemax model, followed up by a Fred or non-sequential model to look for scatter light sources that can kill contrast.

    Tunnel plus relay illumination through the TIR must be properly matched, pupil between illumination and projection must be matched. You need to understand that no optical element, prism included is plug and play.

    Please let me know if you need anything else