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DLP4710EVM-LC: Projector stopped working after mounting

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Part Number: DLP4710EVM-LC

Hi Ti, 

I'm writing you while i cannot help myself anymore We have tested the projector and everything was perfectly working. Afterwards we mounted it into machine and we didn't tested it until now and it's not working. It s like it failed to boot up. Normally when I had a problem with that, that i get somehow into stage that it was not working I used to upload new firmware (*delivery firmware). Now my ''method'' is not working. There is no connection trough USB. There is no any damage after mounting it into machine, we only change rubber stands for aluminium plate. 

My question is. Is there some other way how to put it into ''function'' mode ? I don't have SPI cable so the best will be to have USB solution for recovery. 

Thank you for as usually fast response. 



  • Martin,

    Welcome to the E2E forums, and thanks for your interest in our DLP technology.

    It sounds like you started encountering issues only after setting up your system on a mechanical mount. Did you modify the firmware in any way?

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  • In reply to Philippe Dollo:

    Hi Philippe, 

    not really, I just try to make patterns sequence but everything was afterwards working perfectly. There was no any sign of malfunction. 

    There is video of that booting problem:

    Thank you for helping me.



  • In reply to Martin Vrbica:

    Hi Martin,

    What I understand from your query, EVM is failing in boot up and you are not able to program the default firmware because of no USB connection, right ?

    Can you try this method : Toggle SW28 -> connect to GUI (open GUI after Toggle SW28) -> update firmware (In this process, do not push the SW21 button), check if you are able to download the firmware. After download push SW21 button or restart.