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DLP3010EVM-LC: Use Teensy LC - I2C to control DLP3010EVM-LC

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Part Number: DLP3010EVM-LC

Dear TI,

I'm planning a project to control six DLP3010EVM_LC at the same time by using Python (programming language).

There are some questions I'd like to inquire:

1. Is it possible that I hook up a Teensy LC - I2C to the main bus to send I2C commands to six DLPs, or do I need six teensy LC to control six DLPs? (Can each DLP has its individual address?)

2. How to bypass the cypress chip and msp430 chip, and only talk to DLPC3478? (Is there any pin to be toggled?)

3. Is the DLP3010EVM_LC project planning to have a long term service? (The DLP3000 was discontinued suddenly, my previous project is at risk of no replacement.)

Thanks very much.


Jiaqi Huang (Joseph)