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DLPLCR9000EVM: pixel array size in video mode

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Part Number: DLPLCR9000EVM


I am trying to use VIDEO MODE and wanted to find out what video sources can be used for connecting to the HDMI or DisplayPort.  Using the display ports on my graphics card does not seem to work, I am assuming because the pixel array/resolution is not matching.  Any suggestions?  I am eventually wanting to generate video data in something like MATLAB, and send the video data out of the computer using the graphics card or a COM port.  Is this possible?  



  • Hello Kevin,

    Sorry your post got missed.

    Most systems will read the information from the kit .  The array size should be 2560×1600 (WQXGA).  The source must be capable of loading two pixels per clock (analogous to DDR) called "Dual Pixel".  Please see the EVM Guide [ http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/dlpu028d/dlpu028d.pdf ] § 3.5 Video Mode item #4 on page 33.

    On this kit the EDID should be detected by your output device, however, you have to turn the kit's Display Port receiver "on" (see the red box and circle in the image below).  And for this device you must set "Dual Pixel" to display properly (see the box and circle in magenta in the image below).

    If I have not understood what you are asking, let me know.  Thanks.