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Which is correct between datasheet and schematic?



There are differences between datasheet "DLPC200.pdf DLPS014B" and Logic's Schematic. Which is correct?


Datasheet                          Schematic

PORT1_D10  port G3                 PORT1_D10    port G2

USB_CLK    port A15                USB_CLK      port B15

No description                     USB_RSVD_14  port A15

No description                     RSVD_X1      port AD15

No description                     RSVD_X12     port U8

No description                     RSVD_X13     port U7

No description                     RSVD_X14     port AB17


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  • Hi Keisuke,

    The information in Logic's Schematic is correct.

    We will update the DLPS014B document soon. Apology for the confusion caused.




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