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[FAQ] DLPD4X00KIT: Apps FPGA source code for DLP Discovery 4100 kit

Part Number: DLPD4X00KIT

Where can I find example apps FPGA code for the DLP Discovery kit?

  • There is a basic applications FPGA code example posted online to generate patterns that will display using the DLP Discovery 4100 kit.

    Go to the DLP Discovery 4100 tool folder, and see the download link listed under Software Files.

    Here is the description of functionality listed in the ReadMe file:

    Automatically generates patterns that display on a Discovery 4100 EVM

    Allows testing via on-board switches of:

        · Float mirrors

        · Pause / Resume pattern display (halts Apps FPGA internal counter)

        · Compliment data & N/S flip

        · Single, Dual, Quad & Global block mode mirror clocking pulses

        · Automatic row counter and Ros address mode loading

        · Enable / Disable mirror clocking pulse watchdog timer

    Please take the time to search the E2E forum as well. In the past users have posted example code for others to use - this can also be a great resource.