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DLP9000: Image cropping after uploading batch file

Part Number: DLP9000


My DLP9000 is cropping the image into half after I uploaded firmware. My original goal was to upload a new default batch file that contains the setting that I normally use for my applications. 

One main observation, the firmware revision on the board is now v4.1.0 and the old one was v4.0.0. I am trying to go back to v4.0.0, because I suspect the image cropping might have something to do with the firmware version.

I use 'Video Pattern mode" and an HDMI cable.

Any thoughts?

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    Hello David,

    Welcome to the DLP section of the TI-E2E forums.

    When you built the firmware image (*.img) for the DLPLCR9000EVM it should have produced two files - a master and a slave image.  It sounds like only one image got loaded or that one of the images got loaded into both controllers. The build process splits the images and embeds in the target - master or slave.

    So if you loaded the master *.img file into both, the slave will have the master side of the image in it, but will not display it, since it is not the side it is controlling and you would get an image that is only on the master side of the DMD.  The same would happen on the other side of the DMD if the slave image was loaded into both.


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    Hi Fizix,

    Thank you for your answer.

    It is possible that your explanation is correct; but I do not understand how the images would have ended up where there should not be? I selected a master and a slave image as shown in the pic. Please let me know if there is a setting that is not configured right.

    Also, how can I get access to DLPR900PROM- 4.0.0? The system came with 4.0.0, but all I see online is DLPR900PROM- 4.1.0. I suspect firmware version might have something to do with the issue.


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    In reply to david315:


    TI policy unfortunately does not allow posting a firmware file or sending it via e-mail. It must be done through the TI website (such as the link for version 4.1 which is currently posted).

    However, If you have had previous version, the files may be on your system. Do a search on your machine for folders named "DLPR900PROM-xx.xx.xx" where "xx.xx.xx" is the version number (such as 4.1.0). I would just search for "DLPR900PROM" and it should show any previous versions you already have on your machine.