Image on SD Card and image transmission


Actually I have two questions.


Is there any opportunity to save a set of images on the external micro-SD card and load them by a command?


While loading a BMP file the command looks like “02 01 05 01 e1 ff ….”.
In my opinion after “ff” the BMP values should be transmitted in case of black and white “00” or “FF” but there are still other values present. Did they represent the header information of the BMP?


Regards Andi

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  • Andi,

    The current version of software does not load images on the micro-SD card. This is a feature we are looking to incorporate in our next version of the software. However, you can save images as solutions and load them through the solution tab. TO do this, set the Display mode to Static Image. On the Test Pattern / Image tab, under Static Image, browse for a 24-bit RGB bitmap of 608 x 684 resolution and click load. Then switch to the Solution / Upgrade tab, enter a name under Solution and save it. You can repeat this process for several images. When powering up a board, connect using the GUI, then go to the Solution tab and click refresh. Then select the image you want to load and click on load. LightCrafter will display that image

    As you can see on the DM365 Command Interface document, the command to display a static image is 0x01 0x05 followed by the bitmap file including its headers. I am in the process of updating this document and will released a new version by the end of the week.

  • Andi,

    I just updated the DM365 Command Interface Guide to correct some typos and improve some of the descriptions.

  • In reply to PedroGelabert:

    Hey Pedro,

    thanks for the update of the Command Interface Guide. Now some points will be more clear. Please have a look on point 2.1.5 "host read command packet". There will be a little typo failure -> CMD2 and CMD3 instead of CMD1 and CMD2.


  • In reply to Andreas Fritz:


    Thanks for letting me know. I missed one pair of the incorrect CMD2/CMD3, but corrected a little too late. Seems the new version was pushed just before I made the change.

    Please let me know if you see any other errors.