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TIR Prism

To whom this may concern,

I am working with the LightCommander.  I would like to illuminate the DMD chip with a high-power LED array.  I can successfully collect the light coming off of the LED array using condenser lenses.  I understand it is commonplace to use a TIR prism (http://www.loreti.it/Download/PDF/DMD/140RE.pdf) for illuminating the DMD chip.  This is supposed to help with space considerations and improving brightness.  The LED array is 17mmX17mm, and I wan to maximize the amount of light projected (I am actually not projecting over a large area, but using a 1-1 macro lens to project a 1-1 image of the DMD). 

Would you recommend using a prism like this?  Can you tell me the easiest way to get ahold of one?  Thank you,


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