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D4100 0.7XGA/ software


i heard :

""i can use the Explorer Software to control the DMD, but it interfaces with LabView, VisualBasics, MATLAB, etc. So i can use those programs to make the calls, commands, or do whatever you need to on your end to communicate with Explorer Software.  and i will use the Explorer API to load images, do resets, etc. ""

so, i think i wil use MATLAB or LABVIEW PROGRAM to make command. 

if you don't have any example code, how can i get them? 

because, i think the manual document (download from ti.com(extranet)) doesn't include how to load and run matlab or labviwe script file at D4100 EXPLORER PROGRAM and about the procedure detail.

so if you send me some example code to control dmd(example code from matlab or labview), i can check how to control that code in D4100 EXPLORER and i can practice .

if you can i will have really helpful practice time for control dmd or D4100 EXPLORER.

thank you. i'm so sorry bother you.