Suggestion - quick-start SD card

Having got the Pico kit & beagle board primarily to explore the optical properties, as a non-Linux user, it is very  frustrating to have to go through a huge Linux learning cuve and download process to get the projector to show anything other than the DLP startup logo.

Can I suggest that it would be a huge help to many potential users if someone were to produce :

1) A complete installation with ready-configured media/image player and a few sample files that will just boot and show something interesting onscreen

I'm sure this wouldn't take more than a few minures for someone already familiar with the environment, but could take many days to achieve for someone who has to learn Linux along the way...

2) EIther

a windows app that formats a SD card & copies the above setup to it without needing Linux on the host PC. It seems riduclous to need to install a complete new OS just for format a card and copy some files onto it!


A ready-configured SD card that can be bought via Digikey or wherever.  SD cards are sufficiently cheap that maybe it would be possible to just include it in the pico kit.

The whole point of a devkit is to get people up & running quickly - an aspect that this kit doesn't seem to address well...

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