.95" 1080p mirror dimensions?


For the 0.95" 1080p, I was wondering what is the exact dimention of a single micromirror and the gap width between the mirrors? Another thing I'd like to know is the shape and the size of the "Via" at the mirror's center. Is the Via square and rotated by 45 deg with respect to the micromirror? How much of light loss at the Via compared to the gap? Does the fill factor of ~92.5% include the Via?

A paper on the net (http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/0804/0804.4433v1.pdf) described the gap width was 0.6 um, but I was not sure if it's correct. I thought it should be approximately 0.41 um based on the mirror pitch of 10.8 um and the fill factor of 92.5%.

I would be very appreciate it if you could let me know those dimensions.

Thank you in advance.

J. Jang

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