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DLP9500: DLP9500

Part Number: DLP9500

Hi All,

Thank you for your time. My customer has a question about DLP9500. As he knows that DLP9500 can do block reset when it is loading data, so he wants to know if it is possible that DLP9500 can do floating operation when it is loading data.

Thank you for you help.

  • Hi Kevin

    Sorry for the late replay.

    It is my understanding that the mirror float operation is applied to the whole DMD by the controller and that process takes about 3us during which the RST_ACTIVE is accreted but I am not certain if there is any settlement time that must be met before new data is loaded on to the DMD's memory cells. I will consult our engineer which is most familiar with the system to determine if there is an mirror settling time.

    Unfortunately he is on holiday and will return on January 3, I will get back to you at that time.

    In the mean time, if it is possible, could you provide me with some information on what it is your customer is trying to do or wants to do? This would give me some context to assist you better.

    Best Regards

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    In reply to Jesus Torrado Diaz:


    Jesus is correct, a float operation is a global only operation. You cannot float part of the DMD. Settling time is not very meaningful for a float operation.

    Please let us know what the customer is attempting to accomplish?