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DLPNIRNANOEVM: local storage location of the scan configure


I am doing a secondary development and want to access the scan configure I stored locally on the PC but I can't seem to find it. Is there a default location where these files are stored?


  • Hello,

    Thanks for using the DLP E2E forums! If I understand you are trying to create a custom scan that is stored locally and use it on your EVM. Have you successfully created your custom and used it to scan? It should be accessible in the drop down menu once you press the save locally button. 

  • In reply to Danny White:

    Thanks Danny, we figure it out.
    Now we are trying to modify the column/hadamard scan to section scan, which not using the whole row of the DMD. Since the DMD has 480 mirrors on Y axis, we want to just turn on 0-120 or 120-240 during the scan, so we modify the code dlpspec_scan_col.c and dlpspec_scan_had.c by change the value of startY and height. But we find this doesn't work, as long as the height value is non-zero, the DMD will turn on the whole row. Also, if the startY is non-zero, the data is wrong from the GUI. Could you give us some suggestions on this? Thanks.