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DLPC300 High Speed Bit-plane control


I am looking at using the DLPC300 controller for a system, I have experience driving the DDC3000 chipset and bit-plane driving for DMDs and have a question about Pattern Input mode. 

How is this mode achieved? I understand from "DLPU004" that Input Pixel Data Format needs to be set to 2, Input Resolution Command needs to be set to 35. I also understand from the DLPC300 datasheet that an optional DLPR300 programmed device can be added, it appears it controls the output plane order from the mDDR using RD_BUF(1:0) and Buffer_Swap.

Is there documentation that describes how to use Pattern Input  mode without a DLPR300? The system I am working on could not accept the latency of:

Video Decoding --> App FPGA --> DLPR300 --> DLPC300 --> DMD

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide


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  • Hi Tom,

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    An optional FPGA can be used for achieving higher pattern display. As you might have already noticed, details on the firmware and documentation are available here.

    Also, the correct data path is as below,

    The DLPR300 is the support firmware which has the essential configuration information for DLPC300. The latency associated with the data loading is partly due to the image format.

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