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PICO : individual pixel control : industrial structured light : options ?

For use in an industrial structured light application, it is required to control the state of the
individual pixel output color and brightness in the PICO.

In the current system the mapping between video input and light output is not specified at the pixel level.
- the one-to-one mapping command I2C 0x5, 0x7 is not available. "Landscape VGA Cropped to HVGA (not scaled)"
- the effect of the other commands in the categories "Input Resolution", "AGC Control", "AGC Strength",
"temporal enhance", is not specified at the pixel level.

For example in the default PICO state, the Input Resolution is "Landscape QVGA to HVGA".
Scale factors are given as H 1:1.33, and V 1:1.5.  In this situation there is not enough information to predict
the individual pixel output brightness with an image of vertical white lines on a black background. 

When we send the PICO video with vertical white lines on black input image, and then view the output image with a
magnifying camera we see in different situations 1 line of mirrors bright, 2 lines of mirrors bright,
and 2 lines of mirrors with one line bright and one line less bright.  The situation with crossing
lines is even more complicated.  H and V lines are different brightnesses, and the area of line intersection is at yet
another brightness.

Can someone at TI please direct us to documentation that will enable us to predict the output brightness
from a pattern of input lines?   Unless you have this information it seems impossible to create a product
in which you specify an image output quality to the customer.

For our near term needs we'd be happy with information that allows us to create an image with
PICO output mirrors that are in either the fully bright state or the fully dark state.  More information
would of course be appreciated.