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New Analogue mirrors on the roadmap?

I'm currently looking into an application using MEMs mirrors, and I've been looking at various vendors. I would like to use the TI device (due to the excellent documentation, support, and general availability of TI parts), However it doesn't quite fit the bill in terms of what I'm looking at. I could probably shoe-horn it into working, but at a higher cost than the alternatives I've been looking at.

So my question is, are TI planning to introduce new analogue mirrors in the future? would be useful to know if its worth holding fire on the new project I'm looking at.


The following would be ideal for my application;

2D mirror, +/- 5 degrees in each axis or better. Able to produce a raster scan pattern, 10 kHz or better in the fast axis, 25 Hz or better in the slow axis. A smaller mirror would be acceptable in order to achieve this (e.g. 1mm diameter)

position feedback would not be required (provided externally by the system architecture)

High reliability (50k hours or better, ambient temp between 10 and 40 degrees C)

high repeatability (jitter less than 0.1%)

low cost, less than $100 in production volume