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DLPC3439: Rare image glitch after power up

Part Number: DLPC3439

We've been seeing this rare issue where after the DLPC3439 powers on, an image is sent to it, and it gets jumbled. This image:

When projected, looked like this:

Every image sent while it's in this state gets jumbled in a similar fashion. I believe the DLPC is in a bad at this point because I attempted to set the input source to be a test image instead of external video to see if the issue persisted. The test image was not jumbled like the previous images, but when I set the input source back to external video, the image being projected was also no longer jumbled.

It seems as if the DLPC was in a weird state, and changing the input source somehow reset it.

Is there anyway to detect this by querying the DLPC? Or is there anything we can do to avoid this issue?