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DLPDLCR2000EVM: How do I create a NEW default flash image for the DLP EVM?

Part Number: DLPDLCR2000EVM

I've been working with the 2000EVM for several months now, and have successfully integrated it with an FPGA using RGB parallel video and my custom framebuffer video subsystem. I have very simple initialization requirements for the DLP on system startup:

  • VGA landscape
  • Parallel RGB I/F
  • 24 Bit RGB 888

I've been using the DLPC2607 GUI and DevaSys I2C board for early integration work. Given the simple startup and operation setup above, I do not want to integrate an I2C controller in my system to perform such a simple initialization routine (delay on startup is also a factor). I realize the EVM ships with a default flash image, but it requires me to issue commands to change the modes above, not to mention the default splash screen being unneeded.

What is the solution to create a custom flash image for the DLP2000 in order to avoid implementing an entire I2C module+code to initialize the DLP system? Thanks for any direction!