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DLPDLCR2000EVM: How do I create a NEW default flash image for the DLP EVM?

Part Number: DLPDLCR2000EVM

I've been working with the 2000EVM for several months now, and have successfully integrated it with an FPGA using RGB parallel video and my custom framebuffer video subsystem. I have very simple initialization requirements for the DLP on system startup:

  • VGA landscape
  • Parallel RGB I/F
  • 24 Bit RGB 888

I've been using the DLPC2607 GUI and DevaSys I2C board for early integration work. Given the simple startup and operation setup above, I do not want to integrate an I2C controller in my system to perform such a simple initialization routine (delay on startup is also a factor). I realize the EVM ships with a default flash image, but it requires me to issue commands to change the modes above, not to mention the default splash screen being unneeded.

What is the solution to create a custom flash image for the DLP2000 in order to avoid implementing an entire I2C module+code to initialize the DLP system? Thanks for any direction!

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    Please refer to following thread :

  • In reply to Vivek Thakur:

    I did read through the programming guide, however I also noted in the DLPC2607 GUI User's Guide, for the Pico Loader, the following:

    Use this tool to send a flash image file to a DLPC2607 controller using I2C. This flash image is created by the user's Optical Engine Manufacturer to tune the DLPC2607 controller to the desired level of image quality. The user should obtain the flash image file for the DLPC2607 controller and copy it onto the user's PC.

    This implies I must work with the OEM to design my own flash image, specific to my product. If I do not choose to work with the OEM, I will be re-writing the flash image for every unit I produce. 

    Are there any OEM contacts I can discuss this with? At this stage I would not know how to proceed with a volume production of DLP units if I do not have some baseline flash image available (and I do not see that on the TI resources site). Any thoughts?

  • In reply to Cameron MANN:


    Thanks for your interest in our DLP technology.

    If you would like to have a single splash-screen swapped, I can provide a custom firmware image to accomplish this for you. You can respond to my friend request on E2E for this.

    As for user-directed splash screen swapping, we are working to provide this functionality to users. I cannot yet comment on what platform this tool will be available on, so please stay tuned.

    Best Regards,
    Philippe Dollo