Linux/DLPC3438: DLPC3438CZEZ / DLPA2000DYFFR and DLP3010FQK can't boot-up

Part Number: DLPC3438

Tool/software: Linux

in my systems, we use DLPC3438CZEZ / DLPA2000DYFFR and DLP3010FQK.

we use the same option between DLPC and dmd to DLPDLCR3010EVM.

as you know,DLPDLCR3010EVM is use the dlpa2005, but we use the dlpa2000.

and we use the firmware DLPC3438_6.0.0_Firmware.img is same the demo of DLPDLCR3010EVM.

but our hw-system can't boot up with the host_irq is always up not go to low.

so we think should use a new firmware or not ?

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