eZDSP Development Tool and User Guides

I just want to compliment TI on the low cost eZDSP Development Tool they have made available and can definitely see how this puts DSP Development in the hands of many nore Students and Independent Developers. I would also like to comment on the User Manuals which recently became available for the 5505 DSP and 3204 CODEC ....they look like detailed and thorough write-ups. Good for at least "several nights" of reading. I will say that those manuals, which are heads and shoulders above two competitors we looked at, have helped make the decision to use your 5505 and 3204 parts. The fact that their Development tools were $150 (which several of us bought) and $3xx (which none of us bought) was a lesser part of the decision. The main reason was YOUR documentation support and YOUR IDE support. When your competitors turn a deaf ear or direct documentation requests through their slow sales reps, it really turns me off.

Thank you, now to develop some DSP code and hardware for ham radio entry level Software Defined Radios. The low power consumption, fast MAC, and FFT hardware are all major pluses for us.