c5535 ezDSP data transfer to PC. USB?

Hello everyone,

I needed some advice on a possible communication methodology that I could use to transfer a large file (>2GB) I have saved on an SD card in the EzDSP C5535 USB module. 

I have written the file on the SD card based off the example "CSL_MMCSD_SdCardExample" that came with CSL Ver2.0. Needless to say the file has not been written using a file system and has been written in raw format. (the reason behind this is 1. faster write speeds using raw SD card write & 2. I was not able to get the example "CSL_MMCSD_SdCardFSExample" running but I will save that issue for a separate post)

Now, I am trying to find a quick to develop way to get this raw written data from SD card to PC. UART is too slow for the transfer cos @115200 bits/sec it will take me over a day. Now I am wondering if USB data transfer based off the example "CSL_USB_CdcExample" would be a reasonable way to go about it. I would appreciate any advice on this. Please keep in mind I am looking for a quick and dirty solution at this point for testing purposes as I am going to work on writing to the SD card using a file system at a later point for a more complete solution.

If the USB_CDC example is the way to go: I was unable to install the PC driver "C5515_CDC_ACM.inf" that was included in the example folder by updating the unrecognized device driver in device manager. On choosing the inf file as the updated driver, Windows said that the selected file did not contain valid information about the connected hardware (the mini-USB port on the EzDSP C5535)



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  • Hi Milind,

    The CDC example might still be slow as it is emulates a Virtual COM Port on the USB interface. You could use the CSL_USB_DmaExample for faster transfer rate but you will need a host-side application to receive data. If you are using a 32-bit Windows XP machine, I can send you source code for a simple Windows application that you could easily tweak for the length of data you have to receive. Please send me a private message with your email address. If you are using any other host OS, you can use freeware/shareware software (For example MS Windows SDK comes with one) to build the app.

    The "C5515_CDC_ACM.inf" file should be sufficient to work with the CDC example on the C5535 eZdsp. Please see http://e2e.ti.com/support/dsp/tms320c5000_power-efficient_dsps/f/110/t/127082.aspx for tips on working with this example.


    Sunil Kamath


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  • In reply to Sunil Kamath:



    I working with CSL_USB_Cdc_Example..


    I compile & download its example to my C5515_EVM board.


    Windows XP(host/CCS5) is request drivers.


    And I set path for C5515_CDC_ACM.inf file(original file on example directory).


    But install failed. window driver installer tald me in install error & have any problem.


    Thus, I search e2e & find this article. can't you guide me? or send me host source code for CSL_USB_DmaExample ?


    thank you. a lot.


    my email address is tigoum@naver.com