Share memory between C5509A and ARM9

Hi all,

I need to interface the TMS320VC5509A with an ARM9 chip, the S3C2440 from Samsung, by sharing a SDRAM memory.

Is it possible to run DSP/BIOS drivers on a S3C2440 ARM9, with linux?

Can you give me links to some examples or app notes?

Thank you very much,


Michele Canepa, Engineer

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  • Hi Michele,

    Do you want to be able to reuse C5509A drivers on the S3C2440 with its device-specific register-level abstraction to talk to interface to the SDRAM?

    While it is technically possible, you may need to manually do substantial changes to account for the change in device architecture - either to get the S3C2440 register-level abstraction APIs to the point where it can be interchanged with the C5509A abstraction to work with the drivers or to change the register-abstraction API calls in the driver to reflect those in the S3C2440 suite.

    You might already be aware of the chip support library (SPRC133) for the C5509A., but we do not have any examples which does what you have in mind.


    Sunil Kamath


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  • In reply to Sunil Kamath:

    Thank you very much Sunil,

    anyway, seen these issues, we have decided to change processor to a more suitable OMAP L-138. With this one we have no problem and the link is already done.

    Thank you anyway,