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TMS320C5535: C5535 may not work correctly after by UART boot

Part Number: TMS320C5535

Hi guys,

In my new project ,a stm32F405 and a c5535 are used.C5535 handles the I2S data from a audio codec and transfers the data to stm32 through uart.

To save pcb space,C5535 is boot by the UART of the stm32.

For c5535 dma(i2s receive) and uart receive interrupt are enabled.

When i emulate my program with a XDS200 emulator on my own pcb,ererything is ok,i can watch the uart data tranmitted by the c5535 with oscilloscope.

But after boot by the stm32's UART,it seems that 5535 does not work correctly.I can not watch the uart data ,it is a high level voltage.

To double check this problem,i turn on two leds at the start of the program,after handling the i2s data turn off one led and turn off the other one after tranmitting the data through uart.

The same thing hapened.when emulating,everything is ok ,two leds are turned on and then truned off.But when boot by the UART,two leds are turned on as expected but never be turned off.

I am puzzled about it.I think my program and hardware are ok because they can be emulated correctly,is this right?

Though two leds can be turned on ,it means that c5535 is boot with the firmware correctly,is this right?

But why the program can be emulated correctly and  not excuted after boot?What is the difference between these two ways?

  • Hi,

    I've notified the SW team. Their feedback will be posted directly here.

    Best Regards,


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  • Eric,

    You will have to do some for debugging to see where its stopping. Its difficult to advise without much debug information.
    Are you able to put any breakpoints on the code in C5535 and see where its stopping? Are you sure the ST device is not doing something that's causing this issue?
    Also, I don't quite understand what you mean by emulated correctly and not execute after boot.

  • In reply to Lalindra Jayatilleke:

    Hi Lali,

    Thanks for your response.

    Sorry to bother you.I will explain my issue in detail .

    case 1:After i built the project,i plugged the XDS200 emulator to my pcb,and selected the dedug option in ccs 6.0.Everything was ok,two leds on my pcb could be turned on and then truned off, and C5535 could tansmit data to STM32 via UART ( i could watch the data on oscilloscope) as i have expected.

    case 2:After i built the project,i transfered the .out file that was built by building the project to the .bin file with hex55.exe that was supplied by Ti.And then made STM32 to send the .bin file to C5535 via UART to boot it(referring to SPRABL7A_Using the TMS320C5535/34/33/32 Bootloader).Then two leds on my pcb could be turned on but kept on,and C5535 did not transmit data as i have expected.

    I do not know why everything was ok in case 1 and something(leds would be turned and c5535 would transmit data) did not happen in case two?The only condition that two leds would be turned off and C5535 would transmit data to STM32 via UART is a flag bit that would be set in dma isr.So i think C5535 did not enter the dma isr.In case two, i could not debug the progarm to see where its stopping , is that right?
    To double check my tought ,i cancled the flag bit , two leds could be turned off and C5535 could transmit data to STM32.But when i moved the codes that would turned off the leds to dam isr ,it also did not work.So i can confirm that C5535 can not enter dam isr.

    To exclude the effect of my own pcb and my owe code,i did the same test with TMS320C5535 eZDSP and Ti's sample(c55_csl_3.06\ccs_v6.x_examples\i2s\CSL_I2S_AudioCodec_DMA),but unfortunately the same thing happened.When i debugged it with XDS200 in ccs ,everyting was ok , i could measure the i2s signal on c5535's i2s tx pin(referring to CSL_I2S_AudioCodec_DMA project and ezdsp5535_TechRef_RevC).But after i sent the .bin file(transfered by hex55.exe) through UartBoot.exe also supplied by Ti to TMS320C5535 eZDSP,i could not measure a i2s signal on C5535's i2s tx pin.
    According to the CSL_I2S_AudioCodec_DMA project ,i think reason i could not measure the i2s signal on c5535's i2s tx pin is c5535 did not enter the dam isr.
    So Lali,do you have a TMS320C5535 eZDSP on your hand ?If you have one ,could you please do the same test with it using project CSL_I2S_AudioCodec_DMA?I have been confused by this problem for a week ,and i am looking forward to your help.

    Best regards,
  • In reply to eric li:

    Is this thread still open? Were you able to get past your issues?


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