TMS320VC5505: eZdsp Stick: I2S / AIC3204 not working

Part Number: TMS320VC5505


I recently wrote a simple software for the TMS320VC5505 eZdsp Stick (revB) by using the usual example code. Everything was working fine until I loaded the program to EEPROM using the eZdsp Programming Tool (programmer_USBKey.out). Afterwards the communication over I2S totally stopped working. The measurement of the I2S pins pointed out that there are absolutely no I2S signals at any time, neither in a debug session nor by running the program programmed to EEPROM. 

The main problem is that I cannot restore a working state so that I have no idea where to start identifying the causes of the problem.

In another thread I found the hint

"We know this issue. The example did not clear some conditions set by pre-installed code (boot from flash)."

Therefore one thought would be that those conditions set by pre-installed code were necessary for my software to start up/initialize I2S. 

The important part of the code (or a minimal example) is basically the example code. Other parts of the program (UART, LED) are not affected and work exactly as expected..

Is there anyone who had a similar problem ? 

Many thanks in Advance!

- TMS320VC5505 eZdsp USB Stick (Rev B)

- Code Composer Studio Version:

- .out to .bin conversion using hex55.exe (latest version)

- programming using eZdsp Programming Tool (programmer_USBKey.out).