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Part Number: CCSTUDIO

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi there,

I've been correctly working with USB using CDC on a proprietary board, using CSL library and C5517 device by modifying the CSL_USB_CdcExample.

Due to speed limitations for my application, I decided to use the CPPI DMA provided with the USB controller.

As a start, my goal now is to just correctly enumerate a CDC connection on the host and continuosly transmit from the target a 4 bytes payload (0xABCD1234). with 1 second period. In order to do this I'm not using an host application: I just open a terminal (TeraTerm) so I can monitor the transmitted packets from the device. 

Following the "csl_usb_dma_example" I initalize the USB Dma calling 

USB_initQueueManager(&hpdtx, linking_ram0);

Operation mode as Dma Tx only:

usbConfig.opMode    = CSL_USB_OPMODE_DMA_TXONLY;

I correctly see the CDC enumeration and the COM on the host, but when I try to Transmit a packet from the target I don't see it on the Terminal (TeraTerm) and with an USB traffic monitor no data packtes are captured too.

I'm configuring the Dma once, right after "USB_connectDev"

/* Connect the USB device */
status = USB_connectDev(gUsbDevHandle);
if(status != CSL_SOK)
printf("USB Connect failed\n");

// DMA init.
USB_initQueueManager(&hpdtx, linking_ram0);
// DMA Tx configuration on EP3.
USB_confDmaTx(CSL_USB_EP3, &hpdtx, usb_income_num_bytes_test, usbDataBuffer3, FALSE);

The variables are defined as followed (buffer2 and buffer 3 are defined on the command file according to the example, so it is located on the SARAM):

CSL_UsbHostPktDescr hpdtx;
Uint16 usb_income_num_bytes_test = 4;

#define CSL_USB_DATA_SIZE 64
#pragma DATA_SECTION(usbDataBuffer3, ".buffer3")
Uint16 usbDataBuffer3[CSL_USB_DATA_SIZE];

#define CSL_USB_LRAM_SIZE (256)
#pragma DATA_SECTION(linking_ram0, ".buffer2")
Uint32 linking_ram0[CSL_USB_LRAM_SIZE];

In order to transmit the packets I execute this function:




wait 1 second...


I'm using a FullSpeed USB and due to hardware limitation I can't configure an High Speed connection.

Why do you think this is not working?

I see from the "csl_usb_dma_example" that multiple EP are configured: with CDC the communication  EP3 for data from the target to host. Can I only configure the EP3 for Dma Tx?

The CSL function "CDC_OpenFullspeed " forces the usbconfig.opMode  for every EP to "CSL_USB_OPMODE_POLLED", why?

Thank you