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TMS320C5517: Disable UART and SPI while UHPI works

Part Number: TMS320C5517


I am looking at this DSP for a new design. I checked the EVM manual by Spectrum Digital.

On the C5517 EVM, the UHPI bus is used in order to download software from the MSP430 to the C5517.

On the literature of that EVM they write:

 HPI_ON = ON => HPI mode disabled
        HPI control and data lines not connected
        SDRAM CS enabled
        SPI(Flash)/I2S2/SPI(LCD) MUX (U23 & U29) enabled
        UART (U21) and Expansion SPI (U10) lines enabled

    HPI_ON = OFF => HPI mode enabled
        HPI control and data lines ar enabled
        SDRAM OE is disabled
        SPI Flash/I2S2/SPI LCD MUX disabled
        UART plus additional lines (U21 and U10) disabled


I wonder why do they disable the UART and the SPI and the SDRAM when the HPI is off?
On my project, I need 2 SPI's + 1 UART + HPI interface (connected to external FPGA) which works simultaneously.
The HPI would download parallel data from Xilinx FPGA using DMA, One SPI will control a display and another SPI will control the FPGA + UART sending and receiving commands from an external device.
Is it possible to implement that architecture using this DSP?
If I will disable the MSP430 part of the EVM, would I be able to use all of those inmterfaces simultaneously?