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firmware code protection on a C5515 DSP using external SPI EEPROM ?


Not entirely sure if this is possible however I'm willing to hear all suggestions. Basically we're looking at a way to protect our firmware code from reading and/or modification once it's been loaded into the external SPI EEPROM. Our custom designed C5515 based DSP board uses the internal boot-loader to load the firmware code from the external EEPROM via SPI. Is there a way to prevent reading of the code, say by encrypting the code and decrypting it with the boot-loader, then preventing JTAG access to the DSP by blowing a DSP fuse or something like that ? Otherwise, the internal ROM can it be used to program the DSP with the firmware (once we have a stable version etc.) ? Any other suggestion perhaps more practical ?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Regards, Mike

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