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How can I get the measured value of Total Conversion Time on board?


Could someone give me your advise for following?

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  Device: TMS320VC5507ZHH

I'd like to know how I can get the measured value of Total Conversion Time on board.
Because, I can not get measured value that should be equal with calculated value of AD Conversion time.

  My question:
  I think ADCBUSY bit in ADCDATA Register becomes high while Sample and Hold process and Conversion process.
  In other words, ADCBUSY=1 during 46.6uS, Total conversion time, in case of following Figure.
  Am I right?




  • On page 9 of SPRU586B:
    After the conversion process completes, the ADCBUSY bit value changes from 1 to 0, indicating that the conversion data is available.

    So, yes, ADCBUSY = 1 for 46.5us. Switch to 0 on next clock cycle.



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