• Resolved

TMS320C5515: MMC_getCardStatus() Never Returns

Part Number: TMS320C5515


We wanted to be able to read the SPEED_CLASS of an SD card.

From what I currently understand this is located in bits 447:440 of the SD card status register as per Section 4.10.2 SD Status of document Physical Layer Simplified Specification Version 6.00 found at the below link: www.sdcard.org/.../

I have tried using the function MMC_getCardStatus() after calling MMC_open() to get the 512 bit status of the SD card with no success.

Below is our situation:

1. A call to MMC_getCardStatus() executes indefinitely, the CPU never returns from this method.

2. MMC_getCardStatus() wants to store the information into a uint32, however, the status register is 512 bits.  Will all the data be stored in one uint32?

Otherwise the SD card works as expected, we can read and write to it with no issues whatsoever.

We are using CSL v3.04 with Code Composer Version: and TI Compiler 4.4.1.