Where is IPC online documentation?

In the IPC_Users_Guide( Literature Number: SPRUGO6D ), it says " The default values are shown in the following statements. See the IPC online documentation for details." on the page of 69/150. Can anybody give a linker of this IPC online documentation? Thank you.

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  • Haifei,

    I'd guess it's referring to the IPC online documentation here in the BIOS MCSDK 2.0 Online User Guide.

    Can you tell me what document or a link to the source that has this statement?  The Literature Number isn't valid and I'd like to have someone correct it, but I can't seem to find where you found it.

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  • In reply to Chad Courtney:

    After I install MCSDK_2_00_05_17, there is a documentation named IPC_Users_Guide in the folder C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\ipc_1_24_00_16\docs. It is titled SYS/BIOS Inter-Processor Communication (IPC) and I/O User’s Guide, whose Literature Number is SPRUGO6D September 2011. That' s it.