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C6678 EMAC example – how can I increase the packet send & receive rates?


I used the EMAC example (PA_emacExample_exampleProjec) as a basis to application that send & receive packets from the EVM board to an external PC.

The application is working fine, but the performance is very poor… the packet send & receive rates are very low (less than 100 packets per second).


I am getting this message: “No Tx free descriptor” although I increased the number of descriptors significantly.


I found that the problem is maybe related to the SGMII configuration. When I configure port 1 (Init_SGMII function) similar to the loopback configuration in the  EMAC example , the packets send rate is good (of course the packets are not arriving to the external PC).


What can be the cause of this performance degradation?



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