Modify PCIe-Boot-Example Hello World to L2-RAM only (instead of DDR) don't work


I'm working with am TMDXEVM6678L EVM and a Linux system. I first tried the PCIe-BootExamples provided by the MCSDK and the Hello World as well as the POST example works fine.

So I tried to modify the Hello World example in this way that only the Local L2 RAM is used (like in the POST example) to get some experience for own projects. I imported the HelloWorld-Project from MCSDK and modified these things (see attachments):
-changed the pcieboot_helloworld.cmd to use only L2-RAM
-created *.h file (via btbl, ...) and checked it (Entry point is 0x83CC00, BootTable is loaded at 0x830000)
-modified pciedemo.c to load the HelloWorld directly into L2-RAM and compiled it

Now starting pciedemo.ko with insmod works fine, but the application don't start correctly and don't gives any output to the UART. dmesg says the correct boot entry and that 0xD898 bytes are loaded.

Debugging the Core 0 with CCS I see that the bootTable is loaded correct at 0x830000, but the PC stands at 0x830E22. Checking the original HelloWorld application, the PC is standing in the while-Loop at 0x....E964 or something so I think the PC hung up somewhere...

Have I forgotten something for the adaption from DDR to L2-RAM? How can I debug this further as there are no modifications to the program itself but only to the cmd-file and resulting bootTable (which seems okay)?

Best Regards,