RTOS/66AK2G02: Updating the UART library

Part Number: 66AK2G02

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

As discussed on an earlier thread, I have the UART behaving as I wish when I use PSKD 3.3.  But the basis of my project remains on PSDK 2.2.  I've tried to make my code as simple as possible.  I am using callback mode and I am not using DMA.  This works in the PSDK 3.3/CCS 7 environment.  But I don't get the callbacks when build the same code using PSDK 2.2 in the context of my main project.

I'm thinking I need to update the UART library.  I've tried pointing the project at the RTSC package for pdk_k2g_1_0_5.  This results in a lot of undefined UART symbols.  The build and library structure of 105 seems quite different from 101.

One thought is to replace the the UART source files with the newer source files and rebuild the library.  But I don't see how the library rebuilds.  Can you explain that?  How do I go about rebuilding the UART library?

Or do you have a better suggestion?

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  • Hi Chuck,

    I've forwarded this to the software experts. Their feedback should be posted here.

    Tsvetolin Shulev
  • Chuck,

    The update from PSDK2.2 to PSDK 3.3 doesn`t just update the UART driver source code but also has changes in the fucntional CSL used by the driver and probably in board and OS abstraction layer so there is no simple way to just update to UART driver without updating the dependecy components. As far as I know, you should be able to copy over the changes from CSL and OSAL from the new SDK into your old code and rebuild the library to pick up the changes from the new library.

    All the driver library builds are make based. YOu can rebuild just the UART driver by invoking the following from pdk_x_x_x/packages :
    Setup the SDK build environment using setup.bat or pdksetupenv.bat
    gmake uart_clean
    gmake uart

    Note if you update csl and osal, you need to run :
    gmake osal_clean
    gmake osal

    gmake csl_clean
    gmake csl

    Hope this helps resolve the issue.


    YOu can find list of changes from looking at the updates/tags in the git here:




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